What it is Like to Work with Us

Here's What to Expect When You Work with Newport Promotions

I recently conducted a satisfaction survey with my clients and I was thrilled that all of the hard work and commitment to customer service has paid off. My customers noticed!
Based on all of the feedback I received, I thought it would be a good opportunity for you to hear directly from my customers on why they enjoy working with Newport Promotions. Here's what they said when asked:

"If you were going to refer someone to Newport Promotions, what would you tell them they could expect?

Prompt Service

"Prompt response to request. Prompt follow up with print work and prompt delivery of approved materials."

"Prompt replies, kindness, great selection of promotional items, going the extra mile to make sure you get what you want, offers samples!"

"Excellent service, speed responses to quotes and samples and suggestions for additional things to consider."

"Immediate response, quality product, pleasant ordering experience."


"They are very responsible. Efficient. Keep us in their best interest for promotions. Have worked with Newport for years."

"They are incredibly helpful and very responsive..very quick turn around. Very easy to work with."

Great Customer Service

"Great customer service from rep, Dona Blunt!!!!"

"Dona is very professional and always gets the job done!"

"Excellent customer service, Dona goes above and beyond to make sure you get what you were looking for and at the best available price and on-time too!"

"High quality service"

Creative Ideas

"Dona Blunt is the most responsive, energetic rep! She has superb ideas, always returns calls and is ready to lend advice."

"An organization that will work to find the product to fit your need and/or budget."


"Donna Blunt is absolutely wonderful to work with. Whenever we call she gives 100%. Products are excellent value."

"Timely service and competitive pricing."

"Awesome Service and Attention to detail, wrapped up in an affordable package."

"Good service and good products for the price. I would also remind them that if you buy by price alone, you get what you pay for, except for service it still good no matter how much you spend."

"Newport Promotions is willing to find you what you need within your budget. Great customer service."

Understands our needs

"Help with assessing needs; suggestions; emails with attachments that include photos; quick replies; knowledgeable individuals."

"Dona provides superior attention to our needs and is always looking for ways to help us promote our organization.   Dona is exceptional at listening, thinking, strategizing and planning our program's needs."

"Newport Promotions is reliable, friendly and cost-effective. They are great to work with because they can work with you on budget constraints and company branding."

"Very personal service with your best interest in mind."

On Time Delivery
"Great customer service and delivery of product on time."

"Quick service and turn times, and excellent customer service."

"Personal attention, excellent service, and on-time delivery of products."

Can Handle Last Minute Orders

"Excellent service! Good Service even when it's last minute!"

"I would tell them they you guys are exceptional. You deliver the best service ever even when I'm a goof and wait to the very last minute!"

I'd love a chance to help you experience the same great service. Please give me a call today to brainstorm some ideas on how to promote your brand.

847-398-5500 or dona.blunt@newportpros.com