It's my absolute pleasure to recommend Dona Blunt for any of your promotional needs. Dona and I have been working together for many, many years regarding any promotional ideas or needs for my company,Justrite. I thoroughly enjoy my time working with Dona, and have come to know her as a truly valuable asset to my company as a vendor. She is honest, dependable and incredibly hard-working in making sure that we can get any promotional item we need by the time we specify.

Beyond that, she is an impressive problem solver who is always able to address any issues with strategy and confidence.  Dona is inspired by challenges and never seems intimidate by them.  She always finds a solution to any issue. Her knowledge of the products that we need or are looking at excels and is a huge advantage to us. Her expertise in products available helps us free up our time while she searches for what we have asked for.  She always comes in at a great price, meets our shipping dates and provides us with samples when needed. Dona is a true team player with our organization, and always manages to foster positive discussions about the products we are asking for or looking at giving us the good and the bad of these products. 

Some products she has helped us acquire are power banks, USB drives, shirts, glass cloth wipes, Bluetooth speakers, bags, pens, notebooks, cell phone holders and recently webcam covers. All of these products are personalized with our company logo and imprinted in many different ways. Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Dona as a promotional specialist.  As a dedicated and knowledgeable promotional person, she is also an all-around great person, I know that she will be a beneficial addition to your company as a vendor and will help you achieve your goals and increase sales.

  • Barbara Adams Latsaras
  • Justrite Manufacturing

Dona pays attention to the details. She has worked with our Marketing Department for some time now and knows our culture. When we need a promotional product, she doesn't hesitate to offer us numerous ideas that she has screened based on our needs and our image. We trust Dona to help us choose items that are eye catching and useful to keep Itasca Bank and Trust Co. visible.

  • Ginny Wagner
  • Itasca Bank & Trust Co.

Dona has been our vendor for over 16 years, providing unique customized promotional items for FCI.  I have come to rely on her for finding solutions to our craziest requests, from ob/gyn tape measures to prizes for our corn hole games.  She has provided us with high quality custom printed t-shirts for our picnics, sponsored walks and races, as as well as uniform shirts and sweaters for our employees. Regardless of what we need or how fast we need it, Dona is the first person I call to help find the right items for our events or projects, and she always comes through with selections within our budget.  Reach out to Promo Dona for all of your promotional item solutions from calendars to ceramic mugs, or whatever you need she will deliver on time and within budget!!

  • Beth Dziedzic
  • Fertility Centers of Illinois

I called Dona and told her I needed a new display booth for a trade show within a couple of weeks. Dona did a great job delivering the product to meet my deadline. The booth looked terrific!  I am very pleased with her excellent service and expertise! 

  • Deanna Shallcross
  • Advance Equipment Manufacturing

I've worked with Dona several times for promotional items for my clients and for a lovely gift for a group leader.  Dona is incredibly responsive and gives good suggestions. She is also patient as we've gone through several reviews of items and messaging. Dona has many years of experience in the industry thus she knows what items are better than others.  If you are exhibiting at a tradeshow or golf outing , she will tell you which items attendees like and which ones to steer clear of.  I recommend Dona for your business needs!

  • Sue Kramer Harrawood
  • Peace of Mind Virtual Assistants

Dona was a true pleasure to work with. She was attentive to both my needs and the needs of my colleagues and was always there to respond quickly with any questions. She had genuine care for what our needs were and was very kind. I am most definitely pleased, and very excited to work with her in the future.

  • Olivia Neatrour
  • First American Equipment Finance
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